Stepping there
I'll show you everything, I'll tell you everything,
Pointlessly trying
At least something worth realizing
Not discouraged, however,
And not caring much
What a word, a line, a stain,
Or maybe the sound is unintentional,
Something will advise you
Or send
Nonsense confirmation
Slightly ashamed of their footprints
On someone scrubbed the floor.

But I will draw a conclusion

About everything



          Ah, well, yes, of course, of course, damn it, well, how was I before ..., in the sense, as it were, well, in general, like so that not because, but that somehow differently, maybe otherwise, well, you understand, after all, they are not fools, because you know the method, the technique, the secret method, so that not just like that, but with intent, with the necessary, suitable sensitivity.

          Yes. Said. He said it directly.

        And if you turn to this, read it all - not as usual, blinking unfamiliar letters, but  Meeting acquaintances with joy, but smoothly, with expression, eyes gleaming slightly in the right places, catching some sense, it will turn out that the exit is not just absent, but somewhere it is not here, not nearby, not now.

        And you walk back and forth, back and forth, winding kilometers. And in fact, you continue to invent, but where is this very thing that would remake everything, the result would be in the form of friendliness, health and necessary items, guesses and Nobel discoveries.

        But no. While it is more important for domestic weak sapiens to walk in parades, stomping menacingly and threateningly, to interfere with the necessary, prohibit network services, because they are worse than cholera and stinking bugs, and the main thing is to spit-spit-spit and prohibit. And tyrit again. And also to be offended. And again  forbid. And to be proud without ceasing. And further. And again. And back ... Until you get bored.


         And I understand that I will not get bored. For so many generations are not fed and will be insatiable as many. And nonsense is not shy. And they do not produce joy for anyone, but only exude malice and rejoice in it fruitlessly. People ... There is nowhere to store shame. Because you can do it now.

         No, to issue a law, punishing anger hurts. Well, here I myself am becoming. Heck. Heck...  

         But suddenly you see some kind of unintended beauty, you swallow it like a vitamin and it seems to be okay, and nothing. Somehow, if only it was not worse, well, or not much worse, so as not to death, so later, so as not to me ...

        And we live in this until-oh-olgo and happily ... Closing your eyes-ah, byu-bye .. What am I talking about? Yes, about nothing. And I'll go already. Happily...


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