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For a long time, when discussing the situation in the country, both on TV, which I try not to watch, and on the Internet, the same problem has been stated. We do not have a national idea, a common meaning, a symbol, or a basis for self-identification for the population of our gigantic territory. The explanations for this are obvious. Only recently, a little less than 30 years ago, did the Soviet people free themselves from the "guiding and guiding" ideology of communism performed by the CPSU, which at the end of its existence was completely discredited. I'll make a reservation that the idea of ​​communism itself, which reminds of itself, for example, in the works of the great Strugatskys, is certainly good and quite guiding. But human nature, contradictory and, alas, little changed over the past millennia, is a reliable barrier and an almost insurmountable obstacle to the achievement of any radiant ideas of any kind. Whether it is religion or any other ideological structure, the same communism.

Breaking free from ideological chains, people began to get money, to get saturated, to assert themselves with the level of insatiability and consumption. Some have succeeded, some have not. The concepts of “what is good and what is bad” have radically changed. The sane idea that inequality should be fair, that success and well-being are the result of useful work, talent and social recognition, in our society, as a rule, does not work. These are obvious and sad conclusions. General disunity, stratification - this is what we have now, this is the general condition of our people. This is what led to the power of completely unfit for this people. Competence does not matter; the basis of advancement, success and well-being requires other, unattractive properties, based on the same insatiability. "Desires from the mouth are insatiable." As a result, more and more errors, miscalculations of this method of management. Civilizational degradation.

Of course, this is one of the aspects of human nature. This is the same evil. We are drowning in it. And if you try to find out the nature of the latest failures, then there is clearly anger in their causal essence. The anger of the offended, the anger of the wrong, the anger of the weak, stupid, lying, insecure, not admitting that they are wrong. Hence the general lie from the very top, lawlessness, vindictiveness, fear and mistakes, mistakes. We misunderstood that there is a norm, a normal behavior of the country, a normal economy, a normal attitude of the authorities to the people, the people to the authorities. This abnormality is fueled daily by the propaganda of real criminals from television. The "authoritative" opinion is expressed by stupid, unscrupulous, irresponsible compatriots with unpunished impunity from above.

Speaking above about the immutability of human beings over the past millennia, one can nevertheless note that today there are no human sacrifices, cannibalism, Hitlers and other "delights" of our human nature. However, nature takes its toll. Malice triumphs, absolutely cannibalistic laws are adopted and applied with zeal, international agreements reached with some difficulty are violated, everything that is possible is ruthlessly plundered. At the same time, there is a search for "scrap", this verbal monster, for the miserable creature of our unfortunate society, which in the eyes of the world around us becomes. He is obsessed with “patriotism” (as the classic said - “they could not have stolen otherwise”), which engenders xenophobia and further disunity, such “patriotism” will not nurture a single hero. And at the core is anger. And you can "honestly" proclaim anger as a national idea for the rallying of the nation (in the Third Reich this was for some time and the Germans showed the world where it leads and learned this experience well).

What can be opposed to anger? It would seem obvious. Friendliness. And at the level of the national idea - maximum friendliness. Declare malice the source of all crimes. The Criminal Code, this comprehensive book on human nature, will contain one article. St1 and last. - "Malice". If anger is found at the heart of the offense, this is a crime and inevitable punishment. If not, if not deliberately, if the "demon has beguiled" - compensation for damage, penalty and a promise not to do so again. Maximum friendliness, imagine, will become a social rule of behavior both between people and in relation to all countries. Inevitable conflicts and disputes, in the absence of anger, are resolved with the utmost friendliness. Our country, which proclaimed this principle as its law, will become an attractive example for the whole world.

I clearly understand that in the current situation, with such a thoughtless, unpromising, leading to blood, both my own and someone else's, method of government - this is utopia, naivety, another squeak about non-existent justice. But, imagine it works. How shameful and unacceptable it will be to be guided by malice, how simply and peacefully many problems, strife and enmity can be resolved.

I propose to all of us such a national idea. Maximum friendliness. This is an idea for all normal people who want to live in a normal country. A strong, wealthy, safe for residents and neighbors, a country that sets an example to the whole world, a country that you don't want to leave, a country that attracts normal people from all over the world, a country that is intolerant of malice in any form, a country of fair relationships, reasonable rules and laws, a country that does not threaten anyone and never. Let's figure out together how to achieve all this, step by step. It's basically working with yourself. But an idea can become a material force.

And where are all these figures who have brought the country to mass routine, shamelessness, intellectual exhaustion, lies, aggressiveness, poverty, disunity, and everything that gives rise to their anger? And it only generates anger. Do not expect good from them. He has nowhere to take in these conditions. Let's think. Our compatriots are infected with this disease, there are many of them. And many of them are well paid for it. But I hope there are no less reasonable people. Let's think ...

Being as friendly as possible is difficult, especially at first. It is difficult even to imagine that this is possible. But this is the goal. A worthy goal of worthy people of a worthy country. I believe that any anger can subside if there is no response to anger, if it becomes socially unacceptable. "Any sword will get bogged down in the dough." Of course, there are and always will be madmen, fanatics, but in many respects they are a product, a consequence of unresolved problems, unfair inequality, the absence of that very friendliness of society.

Our planet is rather small and life is rather short, let's try to understand and do something worthwhile, beautiful and reasonable. And also good. And therefore eternal.

Let's think, and, having thought up, do!

Your L-M