Герника Пикассо на ступеньку ниже...




Стремительно, ярко, напряжённо, эмоционально!


Terrific work thank you very much for sharing


Оригинально и со смыслом. Поздравляю


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From the sale rules of the "Saatchi Art" gallery:

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Many collectors are starting to create their art collections with prints and photographs. Selling limited editions through Saatchi Art is a great way to develop your collection base and attract the attention of new collectors.

Limited edition prints are available in limited quantities only. The extraordinary nature of this is reflected in limited edition prints, which are more expensive than open edition prints, which can be infinitely reproduced.

When you list an illustration to be sold in limited edition, you need to indicate the total number of prints in the publication, as well as the number of prints that have already been sold outside Saatchi Art. Once you have set the general limited edition number, you cannot change it. It is imperative that you update the number of prints sold, as collectors interested in acquiring your work will expect to receive the number of the edition you have listed online.

After you sell the limited edition, please be sure to sign the back and include a Certificate of Authenticity. And remember ... stop selling as soon as you sell the final edition!

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ” - it's more expensive there))

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