What to give for a birthday to a person who has everything?

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A common situation familiar to everyone: a friend (relative, boss, colleague, etc.) has a birthday soon or even worse)) - an anniversary. There is nothing left in time. What to gift? WHAT?!


“Last times I didn’t give anything. More and more some kind of unnecessary expensive trinket. He has all this, there is nowhere to put. If I was presented with this on my next holiday, I would, I must confess, not be happy, of course, out of politeness, I showed puppy delight, and all that. Formalities would be followed. And nothing more ...

And if you want to give something really extraordinary that you would like to have always with you, well, or happily return to this something ... ”.


Similar or approximately such thoughts and concerns visited everyone.

If you are reading this and you have the same headache, perhaps I will help you!

Remember what the characters in "What Men Talk About" presented to their friend, to whom they traveled with adventures throughout the film. Right! They jointly bought and presented a PICTURE!

A painting is a wonderful gift. I mean a beautiful, interesting painting that attracts the eye. A painting is an object that has no utilitarian use in the household. This is a piece of pure beauty, an attribute of comfort, which is intended for a secure parking of tired eyes, it is a full-fledged ruler of the interior, this is a unique decoration of the home that turns this very home into not just a roof over your head, but into a place of aesthetic nourishment and contemplative serenity.

Well, okay, a picture. But there are all sorts of different pictures, landscapes, portraits, still lifes, different avant-gardes and conceptual quirks, abstractions and other -isms. And they are also expensive and ... very expensive. And where do they buy them? At exhibitions, opening days, galleries? "

This site, "l-m.artstore", presents a wide selection of contemporary paintings and graphics, in different styles and genres. They are united by the name of the author, and the fact that this is all done with the help of a new visual tool - a computer. You can choose and buy an abstract painting, order a portrait, buy a poster, a scarf, a T-shirt with an author's picture ...

I, Vladimir Lazarenko-Manevich - a member of the unions of the TLC of the Russian Federation, the TSPH of the Russian Federation, IFA, the vice-president of the Moscow league of cultural and art workers "Metropolis", a participant in numerous exhibitions in the best galleries and exhibition halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Venice, laureate, etc.  etc.

Come in, choose, take a closer look, you will definitely like something. The gallery site is constantly updated with my new works.

An important advantage of digital graphics: a painting can be ordered in almost any size (no larger than the original) and on any medium, be it canvas, plastic, metal, glass, wood, paper, and so on. Naturally, the price of the work will also be different. Each painting has an author's signature and a serial number with a corresponding certificate of authenticity.