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    This cartoon has a difficult history.

    It was created within the walls (well, rather, in the dungeons) of the female correctional colony IK-32 in Perm.

    In 2010-2012 there was a unique project for the social rehabilitation of prisoners. The "Animation School" was created and equipped, where 19 lucky women had to learn the intricacies of computer graphics and animation in Autodesk MAYA, Adobe Photoshop and AfterFX programs.

    By the end of 2012, the government, which had "changed" in the country, the region, the Federal Penitentiary Service and in the zone itself, recognized the project as unnecessary, harmful, not economically profitable. The school was closed.  

    But there remained the participants of this project, who are already all free. And this movie.


At the same time and in the same area, the production of another animated film was launched.

     But I had to finish it much later on the basis of the RealTime school and with the hands of my students.

doc / science-pop. movie

"Revolution? .. Energy"

    This film was very interesting to make. Firstly, because fate brought me together with an amazing person, the author of this super-idea, and secondly, this idea itself is so grand and radical, and at the same time absolutely realistic and understandable, that I became an ardent supporter of it. Which is what I wish for you.

    Look, this is interesting!

in line for the Oscar 

"Millions of stories - one memory"

    In June 2015, I happened to star in minute video dedicated to the anniversary of the outbreak of war ...

After his appearance on FB, friends carefully they began to ask when this happened, how I took the rank ...

If something is wrong or someone is offended, then, of course, they will be fully recovered from me and I will receive it according to my deeds, for a slave, for ...

Oh-oh, I'm leaving the role, I'm sorry. I'm joking, grimacing and scary grimacing. My great-grandfather, seeing me at the age of 3, said: "Clovan, there will be clovan." And so it is ...    

anniversary presentation (April 2018)

"Metropolis. 10 years together"


   The Moscow League of Cultural and Art Workers "Metropolis", of which I have the honor to be a member, is 10 years old. On this occasion, a wonderful almanac and presentation video was released.




Alexander Yakovets aka Alex Beresnev, powerful lyricist, author and performer. Clip for his song "Requiem". 


Wonderful poems by Maxim Fomenko, magic, angelic voice and music Olga Lizyukova in an animated frame of images from my painting "Pause No. 4".

This is the first clip in our joint work.   

December 2020.


to the presentation of the almanac

"Composed Reality"  (September 2020)

"Metropolis. 2020. Applause"