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If you are looking for a good, worthy gift for yourself, a friend, a colleague, a boss - here you are! Present a Picture!



- You relieve a headache from what to give to a person who has everything.

- You give your home a place of beauty, relaxation and secure parking for tired eyes.

- Buying a piece of art is always a good investment.

The freshest

Buying an artist's painting does not mean that you are purchasing about 300 grams of paint distributed over the canvas, framed by a more or less beautiful frame that matches the color and size of the chosen place in your home.

This means that you, perhaps without realizing it yourself, take a piece of the author's ever doubting soul, briefly answering difficult questions: “Am I doing something? Does anyone need this? " You take long hours of nocturnal searches and happy predawn finds, painful failures and impotent emptiness, a frozen gaze through closed sore eyes, tired of altering and rethinking the felt and the imagined, hands trembling with impatience, feverish haste, when finally "gone" when it works out, and , oh, happiness, when the picture took place, when you like it when the words disappear and you are left alone with the newborn image. Believe me, this is incomparable pleasure and delight.

And I would like you to experience it. Pictures are the artist's children. They happen different, sometimes wayward, and then each of them has its own life, its own audience.



Why here, why me, who am I at all ?!

Let's figure it out now. In addition to all my creative achievements and regalia , there are several of my stories , after reading which you will get an idea of what is inside me, you will feel something, laugh. I guarantee the pleasure! And also animation , video ...


As it is from Marcel Proust: "... familiar to the gods, unknown to people." ))

Let's get acquainted!

But what they write : atlantova.aa Beautiful and true

          fernando.diego.amiel Genio !!! 

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               mohamad.mh.ahmadi Really your artworks are amazing

ram.ruth You are artist 👍👍👍🤩

vyacheslavLik kulikov vyacheslav luxuriously .... slaughter gallery !!!!

lena_schnecke_ You have very interesting work! 👍


How can you draw like that? I do not understand.

Very cool! I like ❤️❤️❤️

kristi_jemm 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻very cool 😎

clintatelier Terrific work thank you very much for sharing

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nss5434445 Great! Your works never cease to amaze

despite the fact that they have a lot in common. As I see it.

ayadura Your vision is spectacular .. really special. Beautiful work 😍🤗😀

- and many more, and that's all about me 🤩

alicegroziere Wow you are Talented, unquie and your work is so powerful!

You have a new big fan lol! 🙌

A nna Bagirova    Awesome!


Almost all of my paintings have one remarkable property -

they are for sale.